Questions & Answers

What Shall I Study?

Learners who have gained at least 5A*-C grades or equivalent, by the end of Year 11, will be expected to take at least 3 Level 3 subjects. At the end of Year 12, the learner, if successful, will then be able to continue with their studies into Year 13. In addition, all learners will study the Level 3 Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

If the learner has not achieved a C grade in maths and/or English, they will be expected to re-sit.

What if I don’t get 5 A*-C?

Learners may have an opportunity to pursue a vocational route studying Level 2 courses in:

Travel and Tourism




There is also the opportunity to re-sit GCSE maths an English. Depending on results and previous track record, it may be possible to follow a mix of AS, BTEC Levels 2/3, re-sits and vocational courses.

Are BTECs the same as A Levels?

Level 3 BTEC courses are equivalent to A Levels, however they are mainly assessed via coursework. The grades/outcomes for BTEC equate to A levels in the following way:

Distinction is equivalent to an A grade.

Merit is equivalent to a C grade.

Pass is equivalent to an E grade.

Does it matter if I don’t know what I want to do when I leave school?

No. If you are unsure what you want to do, select A Levels that are most suited to you and subjects that you know you are good at. Use the transition google classrooms to get a taster of all subjects and contact teachers if you have any questions to help you make a decision.

How do I know what A Levels I need to go to university or to do a particular job after I leave school?

If you have a career or university course in mind but are unsure what A Levels you need to study, it is vital that you find our before you choose your options. Research this information. A useful site to look up university courses is

How does our collaboration with St Julians work?

Courses are offered on two sites; Lliswerry High School and St Julian’s High School. Between us we have a comprehensive offer for you to choose from, which should meet the needs of almost all learners.

Learners will remain on roll in the school where they studied their GCSEs and BTECs and only travel to the other site to access courses where they are not available in their home school.

This can happen for both years 12 and 13 or just for one of those years.

Transport will be provided between the two schools when needed.

Will I be able to get EMA?

The level of payment is dependent upon family income, but if this is below £20,817 per year you should qualify for the allowance, or £23,077 or less and there’s more than one young person who qualifies for Child Benefit in the household.

Payment is not automatic. To qualify, you must sign a Learning Agreement when you return to school and follow its requirements. Attendance returns are submitted by the school every week. Payments have to be withheld if attendance is unsatisfactory or absence is unauthorised or behaviour is poor.

Application forms for EMA will be available on results/enrolment days.

Do I get free lessons in Sixth Form?

No. All learners are expected in school between 8.30am and 3pm. This is included in your Learning Agreement and failure to follow this could put your place in Sixth Form at risk.

How do you know which teachers will deliver the subjects and when should you contact them for more information?

You won't know the teachers delivering the courses until September. This shouldn't be a factor in how you device your options. You can contact your teachers anytime from now - we are always here to answer questions about our subjects.


  • Black trousers.

  • School blazer.

  • White shirt.

  • Burgundy tie which can be bought from school.

Don't buy uniform until we have confirmed enrolment.