Performing Arts

Course Outline
This qualification will enable you to develop your general confidence, presentation and research skills as well as developing a variety of skills relating to the Performing Arts. Previous learners have found this to be a fun and rewarding course with many going on to study the Performing Arts post 18.

Qualification Information:

Level: BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate
Syllabus: Edexcel (Pearson)
Duration: 2 years

Performing Arts is a mixture of practical activities and written work You will chose to study either the Acting or Musical Theatre route. You will mainly focus on developing the skills needed for a range of performance opportunities. You will perform monologues, plays and musicals to a live audience. At times you will be required to work independently on areas such as researching theatre practitioners, rehearsing lines and creating log sheets. You will also spend a lot of your time as a group, where you will rehearse + perform plays plus create devised work from scratch. You will also be required to complete written essays under controlled conditions. Overall the course will develop a range of skills in areas such as confidence, great communication, creativity and excellent group work experiences. This is a fun course like no other!

Entry Requirements

A willingness to participate in practical performances. Work as part of a committed team. Learn lines and commit to the rehearsal process. Carry out detailed written work on log sheets/ portfolios and evaluations.

GCSE Drama and Music (But this is not vital)

What Will I Study?

Year 12

Unit 1: Investigating practitioner’s work (2,000 Essay)
Unit 2: Developing skills & techniques for live performance. (Performance + portfolio)

Year 13

Unit 3: Group Performance Workshop (Performance + Process milestones (log)
Unit 4: Option Choice:
You choose ONE of the following:
* Interpreting Classical text for Performance
* Musical Theatre
* Acting Styles
* Developing the voice for performance.
(Performance + portfolio)

How Will I Be Assessed?

You will be assessed on a range of tasks including independent research, detailed log books entries, commitment to group work, rehearsal process, live performances, controlled essays and evaluations.

Career Opportunities & Progression

A high number of students go on to apply for further education degrees in Acting, Performing Arts and the Media. Many combine Drama with other subjects such as English, Script Writing and Theatre Studies. Some use the range of skills gained to help access careers in areas such as Teaching, the Law, Police and Sales.