Course Outline

Qualification Information:

Level: AS/A2
Syllabus: WJEC
Duration: 1 Year for AS. 2 Years for A2

English is not enough! According to CILT, the Government Language Agency, 94% of people in the world do not speak English as their mother tongue. A shocking 75% of people don’t speak any English at all! With French spoken by 220 million people in 29 different countries, choosing French for AS/A level will give you a greater advantage in the global jobs market.

The AS French course builds on, and develops, the language learned and key skills used throughout KS3 and KS4. In doing so, we study interesting topics such as festivals, cuisine and culture while delving into the workings of French society. Finally, for the writing element of the course we study film and literature giving students a broad skill set that universities and future employees look for and appreciate.

Entry Requirements

Level 2 threshold (5 A*- C grades or equivalent). Candidates must have achieved a grade C at GCSE (Higher tier for both the listening and the reading exams) in French.

What Will I Study?

AS Level

Being a young person in French-Speaking countries – including family structure, traditional and modern values, friendships/relationships, youth trends, issues and personal identity, educational and employment opportunities.
Understanding the French-speaking world - including regional culture and heritage in France, French-speaking countries and communities, France, Canada, Switzerland and Les DOM-TOMs in an European context, literature, art, film and music in the French-speaking world.

A2 Level

Diversity and difference - including migration and integration, cultural identity and marginalisation, cultural enrichment and celebrating difference, discrimination and diversity.
France 1940-50: The Occupation and the post-war years - including occupation, liberation and end of World War II,
Life in occupied France and the cultural dimension, 1945-50: rebuilding and restructuring, repercussions for modern day France.

How Will I Be Assessed?


  • Unit 1 Oral (15 mins)

  • Unit 2 Listening, Reading and Writing (1½ hours)


  • Unit 3 Oral (11-12 mins)

  • Unit 4 Listening, Reading and Writing (1¾ hours)

  • Unit 5 Writing (1½ hours)

Career Opportunities & Progression

Languages complement ALL disciplines and enhance lifelong learning. Opportunities can be found in the following sectors: Banking, Business, Communication, Diplomatic Service, Education, Engineering, Journalism, Law, Media, Management Consulting, Public Relations, Science, Social Services, Technology, Travel and many others. People who can speak a foreign language earn on average £4000 more a year than those without. 9 out of 10 companies feel they need more foreign language speakers, particularly since Brexit. Languages give so much pleasure… once you have learnt one it becomes so much easier to learn others and the world opens up before you!