Course Outline
Biology A level builds on the knowledge and skills you studied at GCSE. Biology is a facilitating subject which means that should you wish to further your studies in university or enter the world of work, your biology qualification will be held in high regard and help you make you next steps after your KS5 education is complete.

Qualification Information:

Level: AS/A2
Syllabus: WJEC
Duration: 1 Year for AS. 2 Years for A2

This course is divided into two units:
Unit 1 Basic Biochemistry & Cell Organisation
Unit 2 Biodiversity & Physiology of Body Systems

This course is divided into three units:
Unit 3 Energy, Homeostasis & the Environment
Unit 4 Variation, Inheritance & an option topic
Unit 5 Practical Examination

Entry Requirements

Level 2 threshold (5A*- C grades or equivalent), including a grade ‘B’ at GCSE Biology or ‘BB’ at GCSE Double Award Science. You will also require a grade ‘B’ in GCSE maths and GCSE English Language.

What Will I Study?

Year 12 - AS

Unit 1
Cell structure; cell division; Biological molecules; Membranes & Transport; Enzymes & Nucleic Acids

Unit 2
Biodiversity, Classification; Adaptations for Gas Exchange; Adaptations for Transport & Adaptations for Nutrition

Year 13 - A2

Unit 3
Importance of ATP; Homeostasis & the Kidney; Microbiology; Populations & Ecosystems; Human Impact; Nervous System; Photosynthesis & Respiration.

Unit 4
Sexual Reproduction in Humans; Sexual reproduction in plants; Inheritance; Variation & Evolution and Application of Reproduction and Genetics. The Option topic will be one of the following: Immunology & disease or Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy or Neurobiology & Behaviour.

Unit 5
Practical Examination. This unit will give learners the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to carry out an investigation and to analyse and evaluate experimental data. There will be two tasks: 1. Experimental Task & 2. Practical Analysis Task.

How Will I Be Assessed?

AS and A2 will each have two written examinations. AS Examinations contribute 20% each towards the final grade & the A2 examinations will contribute 25% each. The Practical Examination is 10% of the final grade.

Career Opportunities & Progression

You have excellent career opportunities with an A Level in Biology - far too many to list, but could include: Medical Science, Nursing, Dentistry, Veterinary, Physiotherapy, Sport Science, Law, Leisure Industry, Laboratory Technicians and Forensic Science.