Course Outline
The WJEC AS and A level course in photography has been designed to provide engaging and innovative creative learning experiences, where photography practice is meaningfully integrated with theoretical knowledge and understanding.

Qualification Information:

Level: AS/A2
Syllabus: WJEC
Duration: 1 Year for AS. 2 Years for A2

Photography allows you to study any element of photography from fashion to scientific, media and advertising. The course is divided into 3 units over the 2 years. These units consist of a personal creative enquiry, a personal investigation and an external exam.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Photography - Grade C or higher.

Have a good level of photographic ability and a passion photography.

What Will I Study?

Year 12

The course consists of two projects which will be ‘Formal Elements’ and ‘Social and Cultural Issues’. You will have the freedom to look at artists which link to these projects and inform your ideas, use a wide range of media and photographic techniques for experimentation and investigation. These will then culminate in a final sketchbook and your work and photos presented online and linking to all your research and ideas.

Year 13

In the first part of the course you will choose a topic that you will investigate which links to your Year 12 work. The set-up of studying artists and investigating, experimenting with ideas and techniques, culminating in a final photo artwork will be the same. You will write an essay about your chosen artists and your investigation. The second part will consist of choosing a question/ project from the exam booklet and producing a sketchbook of work in the same style as your projects. You will then produce your final photo artwork online in the exam showing the techniques used.

How Will I Be Assessed?

Unit 1: An extended, exploratory project based on themes and subject matter which are personal and meaningful to the learner. The Personal Creative Enquiry will be determined by the learner and teacher, assessed by the teacher and externally moderated. Duration of project to be determined by your teacher.

Unit 2: Consists of two integrated parts: A major in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative project based on themes and subject matter that have personal significance; An extended written element of 1000 words minimum.

Unit 3: Consists of two integrated parts: Preparatory study period; 15 hour period of sustained focus work.

Career Opportunities & Progression

Further studies and jobs in areas of design including: Foundation course, BA in Arts and an MA in Arts. Job areas include Commercial and media, film and stage, architecture, 3D design, animation, gaming and many more which include any type of art and design.