English Literature

Course Outline
Quite simply, English Literature captures the essence of what it means to be human. If you want to understand yourself and others, there is no better place to look than towards plays, poems and novels.

Qualification Information:

Level: AS/A2
Syllabus: WJEC
Duration: 1 Year for AS. 2 Years for A2

As a subject, English Literature complements any other AS/A Level as you are encouraged to think deeply and write accurately: vital skills for any student hoping to continue into university education. As a traditional, tried and trusted subject, it is universally respected and seen as a challenging and reliable marker of one’s academic ability. Being well-read is seen as part of being a well-rounded, independent-minded and cultured person. English also develops your analytical skills, close reading and questioning of what you read, looking beyond the obvious and, of course, through writing, it develops your own unique perspective and voice.

Entry Requirements

Level 2 threshold (5 A*- C grades or equivalent). A minimum of a Grade C in both English Language & English Literature.

A B grade in both Language and Literature.

What Will I Study?

Year 12:

  • Examination module Prose fiction pre-1900 & Drama (closed-book)

  • Examination module Poetry Post-1900 (open-book, clean copy)

Year 13:

  • Examination module Poetry Pre-1900 and Unseen Poetry (open-book)

  • Examination module Shakespeare (closed-book)

  • Coursework module Prose Study - Two prose texts one pre-2000 and one post-2000

How Will I Be Assessed?

AS Open text exam (20%) and closed text exam (20%)
A2 Open text exam (20%), closed text exam (20%) and Coursework (20%)

Career Opportunities & Progression

English Literature prepares you for most university subjects and career pathways, including engineering, finance and medicine; however, your developed skillset will be particularly applicable to the fields of journalism, advertising/marketing, publishing, law and education.